»Curtain up for our tub range in classic 200 g packaging.«

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Original Etelser Kochkäse

A great-tasting cheese with character, available in different varieties. For spreading, dipping and cooking. A true delight.

Cooking cheese


Wanderer Schmelzkäse

Our processed cheese preparation in the typical 200 g packaging for the mid-price segment.

Processed cheese


Etelser Rahmfrisch

Delicious cream cheese with various levels of fat, plain or with herbs. A classic for every product range.

Cream cheese


Etelser Quark


Are you looking for choice and variety in smaller packaging sizes?

Our extensive range of cream cheese, processed cheese, cooking cheese and quark has the perfect product for every requirement. All products are available in either classic 200g tubs or 110g tubs. Larger containers for use in large-scale kitchens and canteens can be found in the section Bulk Containers / Bulk Packs. We are happy to advise you if you have any questions regarding applications or inquiries about individual recipes.

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