Cooking cheese
»Etelser Kochkäse – always a hearty delight.«

Etelser Kochkäse portions

Etelser Kochkäse – now in the consumption-friendly portion pack. Always fresh, creamy, and easy to spread.
Tailored to our application: available in a bulk pack with 48 pieces x 20g for tray service or for individual use.

All 20 g portion tubs are sealed with foil.
Remaining shelf life  
 70 days from delivery
Store at:  2-8 °C

Cooking cheese

0101 – Etelser Kochkäse portions 20% FDM
Cooking cheese with caraway 20% FDM
EAN 4047800003189

Packaging 48 x 20g portion tubs in a box (sales unit), 12 packs per shipping box (order unit)
Pallet 24 boxes (4 layers x 6 boxes)

SOUR MILK QUARK, Water, Semi-hard CHEESE, BUTTER, Emulsifying salts (E339, E452), Caraway, Salt, Colouring Agent Carotene.

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