Käse Nacho Und Salsa Saucen Nacho cheeseauce
»Trendy sauces for the perfect movie experience and on-the-go consumption.«

Nacho cheesesauce

Whether it’s for creating a “cinema” feeling at home, or an on-trend snack for event catering. You will not fail to impress your customers with exceptional quality. Because our spicy cheese sauce for nachos contains more than 40% cheese and therefore has a very aromatic flavour. Or try our finely balanced hot and fruity tomato and paprika salsa.

We supply dips and sauces for the cinema concession business, leisure facilities and event catering. No matter what the application, we have a wide variety of both small packs and bulk packs in various sizes to meet your every need.

Adapters for various types of dispenser

Nacho Cheese Salsa Sauce Dispenser Nacho cheeseauce

The solution offering the highest level of hygienic safety is a bag with a tubing attachment. Here, a pump conveys the cheese without it being touched. Our bags can be supplied with adapters for various types of dispensers, for example Gold-Metal, Roelofsen, Gehls or Cretors to name just a few.
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Nacho Cheese Salsa Sauce Small Packs Nacho cheeseauce

Here you can find ideal products for individual use.

Small packs

Nacho Cheese Salsa Sauce Bulk Packs Nacho cheeseauce

Use in the event and catering sector for large quantities.

Bulk packs

  • 2 l plastic bottle
  • 950 ml squeeze bottle
  • 3.5 kg bucket
  • 2 kg, 4 kg and 5 kg bag with tube
  • 40 g triangular portions
  • 40 g, 50 g and 70 g round portions

Sie haben den Trend, wir haben den Dip

Ob Nacho-Cheese-Dip, Barbecue-Saucen, Blue-Cheese-Dips, Sour Cream Dips oder Salsa-Dips. Bei entsprechenden Abnahmemengen entwickeln wir auch nach Ihren Vorgaben.

  • 2 l Kunststoffflaschen
  • 950 ml Squeeze-Bottle
  • 3,5 kg Eimer
  • 2 kg, 4 kg und 5 kg Beutel mit Schlauch
  • 40 g Portionsware eckig
  • 40 g, 50 g und 70 g Portionsware rund

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