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»Products for efficient use in large-scale kitchens.«

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Cooking Cheese Bulk Packs Bulk containers

Cooking cheese

Etelser Kochkäse is ideal in buckets for use in the large-scale kitchens. A cheese with character.

Cooking Cheese

Wholesalers Processed Cheese Bulk containers

Processed cheese

Our processed cheese preparations are extremely versatile. Ready to use as a sauce, and also available in the form of a roll or block.

Processed cheese

Cream Cheese Bulk Packs Bulk containers

Cream cheese

Etelser Rahmfrisch – our range covers a wide variety of applications and is heat stable, easy-to-spread and stable when stirred.

Cream cheese

Vegan products bulk container for wholesale - Etelser Käsewerk

Vegan products

Vegan products are in vogue and are not only for allergy sufferers a super alternative to lactose-containing cheese products.

Vegan products

We can provide you with the perfect product for every application in the large-scale kitchen

Whether for seasoning, as the basis for a sauce, or for a buffet – our product range offers a wide variety of choices. Rahmfrisch cream cheese is excellent for processing and can be refined with herbs, spices and vegetables. Our cream cheese is also heat stable and therefore also ideal for baking or cooking. The Etelser processed cheese preparations provide your soups and sauces with the perfect thickness and flavour. Etelser Kochkäse goes well with spicy savoury side dishes, for example with schnitzels or fried potatoes.

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