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Discover our wide range of products for canteens, large-scale kitchens and out-of-home consumption in various packaging formats.

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Years of experience and long-term customer relationships are the basis of our bulk consumer business

For decades now, Etelser Käsewerk, with its high level of expertise as a supplier, is geared to the wholesale and food service industry. Our many years of experience in supplying restaurant and catering chains are of great importance here.

Our business relationships are of a long-term nature and are based on reliability, flexibility, high delivery dependability and common growth. Consistency in customer service provided by our experienced and committed employees is especially important to us. This close customer relationship forms the basis for the future.

The product range includes both a wide range of portioned goods for easy handling in canteens, hotels and restaurants, and bulk containers in various pack sizes for professional caterers. For wholesalers, the wide product range offers the possibility of bundling.

Another advantage of our company is our readiness to respond to customer-specific requests, particularly as regards individual varieties in various packaging units.

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