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»We act, live and take decisions with the highest level of respect for people and the environment.«
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For us, sustainability is not just a word

Anyone who, like us, actively thinks in a future-oriented way, questions old solutions and manages their company in an environmentally oriented way with a focus on people, nature and entrepreneurial success. For example, to ensure a good balance, we always work with employees of all ages and from all cultures. This creates a wealth of knowledge and a transfer of expertise that is second to none. We prefer to take on apprentices and new employees from the region. Here we are also a highly dedicated sponsor of regional sports clubs.

Our systematic environmental management system allows us to tackle environmental problems in a precautionary manner and to systematically utilise increasingly environmentally friendly processes and technologies in a goal-oriented manner. Our efficient energy management identifies any unnecessary energy consumption, finds potential savings and monitors the success of the action taken. The certification in accordance with Energy Management System 50001 is a logical consequence of our efforts. Everyone benefits from this, including our customers.

Sustainability by Etelser

Our earth is close to our hearts

Each individual measure taken makes an important contribution in the field of energy management and environmental protection. We think in a future-oriented way and will continue to always seek new solutions.

  • Since 2006, we have documented the amount of carbon emitted per kilogramme of cheese produced
  • All material flows into and out of our company are recorded and evaluated
  • For over 10 years now, we have consistently focussed on reusable supplies to deliver more than 70% of our sales
  • Systematic insulation of all heating and cooling ducts
  • Utilisation of waste heat from the production process and air conditioning systems
  • Secondary use of water in all possible areas
  • In 2014, we commissioned our own combined heat and power plant, which further reduces carbon emissions. The heat produced by the plant is released back into the hot water and heating systems
  • Our entire fleet of lorries has been switched to the most advanced emission class with the lowest carbon emissions
  • We have designated areas for ecological compensation on our premises. This includes a natural meadow that is left untouched to promote nature and biodiversity.
  • We also use resources sparingly to avoid paper. We work with a digital archiving system that encompasses all emails and documents
  • Since the end of 2017 we have operated a photovoltaic system. Together with our combined heat and power plant, we now generate around 30% of our annual electricity consumption ourselves
  • We use the EcoVadis platform to manage our CSR performance clearly and traceably. In January 2024, we achieved the Bronze Medal.
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