Our mission
»We put our heart and soul into each and every project. And we are always at your side.«
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Quality is of utmost importance to us

Pure enjoyment requires trust! Less is often more. Especially when it involves the production of food. The trend toward healthy enjoyment continues unabated, and consumers are attaching increasing importance to organic products, the absence of additives, and ingredients without genetic engineering. At Etelser, our customers can be certain that they will receive high quality, meticulously produced food. Wherever possible, we avoid using additives, and products with organic and VLOG (Association for Non-GM Food) certificates are an integral part of our product range. We take responsibility for the highest quality of our products.

Best ingredients from the region and long-term relationships with our suppliers are an important foundation for our promise of quality. Everyone is responsible for the consistently high quality of our products. Thanks to our employees` many years of service to the company, they think and act in accordance with our corporate philosophy. Every single one of them. Training, internal audits and competent quality management ensure that we deliver quality every day.

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Our mission

Our mission

We are simply delicious! This aspiration has always been reflected in the constant challenge to impress the customer with high quality, healthy products. A constant mission that determines the goals of our company:

  1. Our objective is to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers. A customer-oriented definition of quality is therefore at the centre of everything we do.
  2. Quality can only be generated in the actual work process, not simply by means of controls. Thanks to systematic planning, we ensure quality at our plant during every individual processing stage.
  3. We place high demands on our employees: in our company, quality is everybody’s business. Every employee is therefore responsible for the quality of their work. Our employees’ personal interest in their work, their company and their products is extremely important to us.
  4. The continuous training of all our employees is the basis for creating a uniform quality consciousness and the prerequisite for the constant quality improvements in our company. For this reason, regular training is a matter of course.

Company goals

You can download our detailed company goals below: