IQF drops, pellets and coins
»IQF Drops offer you a wide variety of options for your finished product.«

IQF – Drops, pellets and coins

IQF pellets, drops and coins are ideal for sprinkling on pizzas or as a gratin topping, as an addition to ready-to-cook frozen vegetables or as an interesting addition to salads. The range of applications is very wide and varied.

With our IQF products, you are able to use existing dosing systems such as vibrating feeders or so-called waterfall topping applicators to process an interesting coating for your product.
Regardless of shape, colour and taste, we will meet your requirements: whether red cheddar, pale green herb butter or white cream cheese, you determine the properties. Another attractive variant is achieved by adding pieces of vegetables to the pellets. The forms available are rectangular pellets, round pellets or, depending on the size, drops or coins, and also include a marzipan loaf form.

Let yourself be inspired: here you will find a selection of potential products. Please note that these are sample images and not stock items.

IQF drops, pellets and coins

IQF butter pellets
Available as:
- Plain butter pellets
- Herb butter pellets
- Pellets based on vegetable fats

Ideal for refining numerous dishes, for example vegetables or steaks. Portioning for tray catering for restaurant / catering chains.

IQF drops, pellets and coins

IQF cheese flakes
IQF cheese flakes are the smallest form of pellets. Ideal for sprinkling on baguettes and pizzas. For clearly visible cheese on your final product.

IQF drops, pellets and coins

IQF goat’s cheese coins
Cheese coins look appealing and are easy to separate. They have a uniform shape and a clean cut. A high-quality addition to, for example, pizza toppings or salad. In addition to goat’s cheese, we can also shape and freeze other cheeses into coins.

IQF drops, pellets and coins

IQF cream cheese drops
Cream cheese as the basis for IQF cream cheese drops can be used pure or refined in numerous ways, for example by adding herbs, other cheeses such as Parmesan, goat’s cheese or Gorgonzola. Sweet variations with cream cheese can also be realised.

IQF drops, pellets and coins

IQF mixed vegetable pellets 
IQF vegetable pellets are ideal for insertion into meat as a modern alternative to Cordon Bleu. Various pellets can be realised, for example IQF broccoli pellets, IQF spinach and cheese filling etc.

IQF drops, pellets and coins

IIQF pellet “marzipan loaf form”
An interesting alternative is the IQF pellet in “marzipan loaf form”. The length is variable. The height is between 18-20 mm and the possible width between 28-30 mm. The shape allows an attractive presentation in your finished product.

Here is an overview of all the possible IQF formats

Rectangular pellets
  • 50 x 35 mm: 15 g to 30 g(+/-2) g, Height variable
  • 40 x 8 mm: Weight and length variable
  • 45 x 10 mm: Weight and length variable
  • 28 x 9 mm: Length 65-70 mm, Weight and length variable
Round pellets or Coins
  • Ø 55 mm
  • Ø 38 mm
  • Ø 30 mm
  • Ø 24 mm
  • Ø 18 mm
  • Ø 14-16 mm, approx. 2-3 g
Marzipan loaf form
  • Height 18 -20 mm, Width 28-30 mm, Length variable

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