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»Our cream cheese is highly versatile.«

Cream cheese for the food industry

Cream cheese is an integral part of numerous dishes and therefore an indispensable ingredient in the kitchen and the food industry.

At Etelser, we offer cream cheese for a variety of applications: whether as a dip, as a topping in a wrap or in warm dishes for filling and baking. Our cream cheese remains stable when stirred and baked. This is thanks to a gentle treatment of the milk protein which creates a structure that is not destroyed by heat.

Cream Cheese Dip 7cb9104d Cream cheese Industry

Stir-stable cream cheese
Thanks to the inclusion of herbs, spices and vegetables, the cream cheese can be individually adapted to convenience foods.

Cream Chesse Wrap Cream cheese Industry

Cream cheese for fillings
e.g. wraps

Cream Cheese Cake 3c89151a Cream cheese Industry

Cream cheese for baking
Add just a few ingredients to create a fine, light cheesecake.

Cream Cheese Filling 3225397b Cream cheese Industry

Bake-stable cream cheese filling or topping
For convenience foods, meat, fish, and all types of pasta or potato parcels.

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