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Packaging for the food industry


20 g and 40 g portions, rectangular

All portion tubs are sealed with foil. 48 or 24 tubs per tray.


40 g and 75 g portions, round

All portion tubs are sealed with foil.


150 g to 200 g tubs

All tubs are sealed with foil and covered with a resealable slip lid.


1.5 kg Tray

All trays have a tamper-evident closure and are resealable.


Buckets 2.5 kg /3.5 kg / 5 kg / 10 kg

Various buckets with a seal and a resealable slip lid.


Bottles for sauces

Various formats and sizes 950 ml or 2 litres.


Bag with and without tube

Bag in blue foil for easy removal in production. Bag with tube for use in dispensers.


Casings and blocks

Round or rectangular, depending on the further processing application.

The ideal form of packaging for your application

To simplify the use of our products for the customer, we provide numerous different packaging formats for every individual application. In joint projects, we identify the right type and size of packaging for you based on your further processing requirements.

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