A great pasta dish that can be cooked at home! A tasty yet easy pasta dish.

Our recipe suggestion for tortellini à la carbonara.

Has somebody just announced a surprise visit? Create your own surprise with this simple recipe ...

Here is our recipe suggestion.

Delicious and ingenious. You’re bound to catch your guests’ attention with this beetroot soup.

Not just a feast for the eyes.

A hot, nourishing soup for the cold season.

Go to recipe suggestion for creamy cheese and leek soup with minced meat.

... also suited the taste buds of Sylt’s seagulls. We only just managed to shoot this photo in time – the winged gourmets were after a taste ...

Recipe suggestion for thyme potatoes.

A recipe suggestion for four people that is quick to prepare. Conjure up a simple hearty snack or meal with fresh vegetables, Etelser Soft Cream Cheese and Etelser Processed Cheese.

Here is our recipe suggestion.